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1. Individual Focused Work space With Fixed Benching

  • Product: Benching by SiS
  • Secure storage lockers adjacent to workstations
  • Sit-Stand desks to promote health and wellness
  • fixed privacy screens
  • Product: Backbone by KI
  • 2-8 Member teams
  • Standing height table
  • Promotes impromptu content sharing or is great for structured meetings

2. Customizable Individual Focused Work Stations

  • Product: Tattoo Flexible Workstations By KI
  • Sliding screens for customizing personal space
  • Mobile sit-stand desks for added flexibility
  • Privacy screens adjustable with just your fingertip¬†
  • Personal locking under-desk storage

3. Individual Focused Work Benching

  • Product Name: Tattoo Flexible Workstations By KI
  • Powered spin for flexible device charging
  • Mobile sit stands desk for health & wellness and work flexibility¬†
  • Fingertip adjustable privacy screens
  • Team storage for files, supplies, and coats

4. Collaboration Table With Mobile Monitor

  • Product: ???
  • 4-6 member team collaboration space
  • Adjacent individual focused work areas tp promote impromptu collaboration and content sharing

5. Collaboration Booth With Content Sharing

  • Product: Heya Mobile by OFS
  • Small team collaboration space
  • Movable booths on casters to promote creativity & flexibility¬†
  • Audio visual content sharing capabilities

6. Phone Booth

  • Product: Wiggle Room by KI
  • Supports private conversations within a common space
  • Occupancy sensor show when the phone booth is in use

7. Focused Seating Space

  • Product: Honey Mobile by DarRan
  • Individual focused work seating space
  • Supports private conversation or a recharge space within a common area.

8. Focused Seating Space

  • Product: Mango by Boss Design
  • Individual focused work seating space
  • Supports private conversation or a recharge space within a common area.

9. Collaboration Lounge

  • Product: Ellehaven HA Collaboration by Sis
  • 2-8 member team collaboration space
  • Height adjustable table for flexible work styles

10. Collaboration Lounge

  • Product: Sway Chair Lounge byKI
  • 2-4 member team meeting space
  • Reclining lounge seating
  • Can be opened to common areas of behind closed doors

11. Hybrid Private office/Team huddle Room

  • Product: Chameleon by DarRan
  • Individual private office or 2-4 person meeting room
  • Hoteling space for management & meeting space when not in use

12. Collaboration Lounge

  • Product: Lounge by Paul Brayton & C-Tables by KI
  • 2-4 member team meeting space
  • Lounge seating with laptop tables
  • Can be opened to a common area or behind closed boors.