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1. Collaboration Lobby & Content Sharing

  • Product: Backbone by KI
  • 2-8 Member teams
  • Standing height table
  • Promotes impromptu content sharing or is great for structured meetings

2. Collaboration Lounge Space

  • Product: Sway Chair By KI
  • 2-4 Member teams
  • Reclining lounge seating
  • Can be behind closed doors or opened up

3. Individual Focused Work Seating

  • Product Name: Privacy Booth by KI
  • Individual focused work seating
  • Supports phone conversations
  • Shared device charging area

4. Collaboration Booth With Content Sharing

  • Product: Heya Mobile by OFS
  • Small team collaboration space
  • Movable booths on casters to promote creativity & flexibility
  • Content sharing with audiovisual capabilities.

5. Customizable Individual Focused work Spaces

  • Product: Tattoo Flexible Work Station by KI
  • Sliding Tattoo Screens From KI for customizable personal space
  • Mobile sit-stand desks for added flexibility
  • Adjustable privacy screens adjustable with just your fingertip
  • Personal locking under-desk storage.

6. Individual Focused Work Space With Fixed Benching

  • Product: Benching by SIS
  • Adjacent individual secure storage lockers
  • Sit-stand desks for health and wellness
  • Fixed Privacy screens

7. Collaboration Table With Mobile Monitor

  • Product: Serenade Gathering by KI
  • 4-6 member teams
  • Adjacent individual-focused work areas to promote impromptu collaboration and media sharing.

8. Individual Focused Work Space With Fixed Benching

  • Product: Tattoo Flexible Workstations by KI
  • Powered center spine for flexible charging solutions
  • Mobile sit to stand desks for health and wellness & flexibility
  • Privacy screens adjustable with just your fingertip
  • Team storage, for filing supplies, & coat storage

9. Private Phone Booth

  • Product: Wiggle Room by KI
  • Phone Booth for private conversation even in a common space.
  • occupancy sensor to indicate when the phone booth is in use.

10. Collaboration Lounge

  • Product: Paul Brayton Lounge w/KI C-Tables
  • 2-4 member teams meeting space
  • Lounge seating with laptop tables
  • Can be closed off or opened up for an open plan

11. Collaboration Lounge

  • Product: Ellehaven HA Collaboration by SIS
  • 2-8 member team collaborative space
  • Height adjustable table for flexible work styles

12. Private Office/Huddle Space Hybrid

  • Product: Chameleon by DarRan
  • Individual private office or 2-4 member teams meeting space
  • Hoteling space for Management Or team meeting space