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Steamboat Springs

By June 21, 2017November 2nd, 2017Play

I think after the back to back holidays that happen at the end of every year, it is always a long stretch from the end of the year to that next holiday in the middle of the year – Memorial Day. The weather becomes more tolerable, you wake up to birds chirping and you are provided that well-deserved extended weekend you were most likely thinking about since January. Let’s be honest, everyone loves a long weekend no matter how much they love or enjoy their job!

Needless to say, the recent hail storms and rain that we have been getting in Lakewood has made it an easy decision to want to get up and get out of town for a few days. Similar to the trip Canter was able to provide for Neenan Archistruction, the Canter team took a long trek up and around the mountains to Steamboat Springs to celebrate the long weekend and enjoy a change of scenery. For many of our team members, it was their first time at the Christie Club through Wyndham Vacation Rentals. The Canter team was separated into two individual condo units, one of which was filled with a full Canter member and their family and the other which was filled with the rest of the team.

If you are familiar with our Canter Experience, you will know that it “is about your vision, remarkable office furniture, and talented people coming together to help you achieve success.” Although we were all out of the office and enjoying the scenery and wildlife in Steamboat, our conversation always loops back around to furniture to come extent. Not only does our team care about our client vision, we talk about it in our free time (and have our inside jokes in regard to furniture, of course).

After all of the hiking, sight-seeing, food tasting and relaxation, I would say that the Canter team is back in full-force action together until the fourth of July hits to be sure you get the best Canter Experience we can provide!

Until next month my fellow subscribers!