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How Personalized Solutions Can Deliver A Strong ROI

By October 18, 2016December 1st, 2016Workplace

At Canter, we believe every customer is unique and what may work for one may not work for another. Through listening, observing and collaborating, then using our unique design and manufacturing capabilities, we’re able to create personalized furniture solutions that fit our customer’s exact specifications and needs.

All of this is achieved by following the principles of Personalized Solutions.

Personalized Solutions is an investment in workplace performance, not just furniture. It’s not just about products but rather a methodology that delivers more than high quality tables and chairs. It’s designed to deliver solutions that are aligned with short and long term business objectives.

Below are five key principles of Personalized Solutions.

Incorporating brand into the workplace

The buildings in which organizations choose to locate are in themselves instruments that can support business objectives, generate revenue and communicate values. Many organizations are recognizing the value of incorporating workplace standards that also reflect the vibrancy of their corporate culture and brand.

A real plan for creating personalized spaces

Whether the personalized product is complex or simple, good processes will ensure that the product meets the customer’s expectations and business objectives. Flexibility within the process is paramount. The Canter Experience is designed around a cohesive plan that accounts for change and personalization every step of the way.

Responsive to diverse architecture

Personalized products are often the best solutions for meeting the challenging landscapes found within both old buildings and modern-designed office environments. Designers looking for creative ways to eliminate wasted space due to additional angles, columns and other obstacles inherent to a building’s architecture or unique shape can turn to Personalized Solutions to maximize ROI on the project.

Adaptive to real estate and workplace trends

Economic factors can greatly impact how spaces are designed. From the perspective of corporate real estate, “Real estate overhead and cost reduction has become one of the key drivers of work style innovation.

Future-proofing the workplace

Designing a personalized workplace solution enables companies to align themselves with current and future trends. As companies strive to improve their workplace standards, custom and tailored products can assist them in achieving their goals without breaking the bank. With Personalized Solutions you no longer need to fear scaling or widespread changes in the future.

The Canter Experience is designed to incorporate Personalized Solutions from beginning to end. From Vision to Post-Occupancy we want to make sure your workplace is flexible and future-proof and delivers a healthy ROI. Personalized Solutions helps us achieve this by recommending products and services that adapt with the needs of your business.