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KI Introduces the Doni Seating Collection

When it comes to designing furniture, you’ve got to love a product that offers a multitude of options for both aesthetic and to meet a customer’s needs. When it comes to Canter and our furniture offerings through KI, I would have to give praise to a product that was released in 2016 called the Doni Seating Collection. This chair offers more than 8 base styles, solid polyurethane or two-toned polyurethane shells and have the capability of adding upholstery to the seats and backs. Sounds like a typical chair I’m sure is what you’re thinking? No! This chair can be used in nearly any application, client and location. The images say it all when it comes to the Doni Chair.


The general design of the chair, the flex-back creates a simplistic comfort that allows the user to sit back in the chair without tipping over or having to exert much force. This can be a great solution in classroom settings when you have children or teenagers that tend to goof off in their seats from time to time.

Aside from all the ways the chair can be specified and utilized, the chair sits at a low-price point in comparison to a lot of KI’s other offerings. You simply can’t beat it. Endless options, a good price and an aesthetic that is going to wow employees, customers and clients – it’s the way to go and I stand by this chair as a Designer for Canter. Check out this video provided by KI that gives a quick overview of all of the ways you can use Doni in your future spaces!


If you are ever in need of assistance with furniture, Canter can guide you through the process and offer you the best bang for your buck and make sure everything looks great, too!