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Collaborative Project with CU Boulder

Occasionally, our team gets the chance to collaborate with our client, CU Boulder, on larger scale projects that have the potential to make an impact on future designs within new builds and remodels across their campus. One of those projects came across the table in November/December of 2017 and is nearing completion with an anticipated August 2018 installation timeline.

I’m sure you’re wondering what all this project entails and I would say that the following breakdown provides a detailed overview of what is currently being finalized; (19) private offices, a large conference room, (2) smaller conference rooms, a reception space, a lobby, (2) huddle rooms, corridor furniture, (2) shared offices and an open plan shared office space for (23) people.

The open plan shared office space is what all the faculty that will be moved into this new space have been anticipating due to the nature of their current private office environments. Transitioning employees from such a private setting into a completely open office that people can utilize for collaboration and heads down personal work is a big deal for the university but, clearly, for the users. CU’s faculty that are heading the project are currently taking all the necessary steps to ensure that their move management is well communicated, takes the user’s opinions into account and still allows for a level of privacy and separation that typically comes with the luxury of having a private office.

In open office environments, the average square footage range per person is moving from the 400 square feet plus per user down to between 100 (temporary employees/spaces) and 150 square feet per user. This is a large decrease in square footage and a lot of users require that move management component in order to make an easy and successful transition into smaller spaces such as this.

That being said, our team is working very closely with the project managers on making sure that all of the users are happy with what they will be getting in terms of furniture, function, and privacy.

We don’t want to give away all of the final details, but we wanted you to get a sneak peek of the space up to this stage! We will have another blog in August or September after this project installs to provide a final update with installation photos.

Thank you to all of the partners we have worked closely with throughout this project and thank you to CU Boulder’s staff for working so diligently to make sure our team is able to provide them the best furniture solution that accommodates their users best in all proposed areas. We look forward to seeing these spaces fully installed and ready to be utilized!

**Note that the imagery shown aside from the Open Office general render was created and provided by AndersonMasonDale Architects and is not the property of Canter**