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Canter WOW’s Client in Chicago

Let’s start 2019 with a Happy New Year and our team hopes that your holidays were full of quality time with family, togetherness and good food! It always seems to slow down a bit in the furniture world during the end of the year into the New Year and it gives us time to reflect on all that was accomplished, what there was to be learned, and, of course, those good old goals to jump into the new year and make it even better than the last.

The year of 2018 was a big one for the Canter team and it has brought us into 2019 with a bang. We have now welcomed two new team members – Brianna Gill and Matthew Freeman. Brianna Gill is now our second full time Designer and Matt is our Sale’s Representative for Northern Colorado and Wyoming. Both of their personalities and drive will certainly be an asset to our team and the big goals we have discussed for this year and we look forward to what we can all accomplish together.

That being said, reflecting on projects that installed during 2018, there is one project that stood out in regard to overall size that had a smooth install and that the clients were overly pleased with. WOW! Cable in Warrenville, Illinois is our client and they came to our team looking for furniture solutions that would provide them with an updated workplace that spoke more to the new idea behind making your workplace like home. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we spend an average of 8 hours per day at work so the remaining time in our days only leaves anywhere from 4-6 hours before we head to bed to do it all over again. So, it is no wonder why everyone is trying their best to design their workplaces to imitate the little comforts of home – we spend most of our time at work!

Some of the most important elements that they wanted to incorporate into their new space consisted of an open office, breakout spaces for collaboration, a little number of private offices and a good field of vision. Our team accomplished this through the use of shorter panels for their panel system workstations, transparent screens to allow for more light to pass through the space and create a more inviting environment, the utilization of fun colors through the fabrics and finishes of the furniture in the break out spaces and a larger number of breakout spaces to speak to the constant need to collaborate with other team members.

Not only did this project set the standards for the WOW! Team on future projects, it created a completely new environment for the employs that are now utilizing the space. We look forward to their next location and what elements we can incorporate!