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Canter Sponsors the Annual WYOAPPA Event

By August 15, 2017November 2nd, 2017Culture, Play

On June 15th and 16th this year, our team sponsored the annual WYOAPPA (Wyoming APPA) event at Casper Community College located in Casper, Wyoming. This event is ‘an essential meeting dedicated to your operation, about your business, and for your information’.

Business is always the given reason for attending the event, but fishing, golf, and giveaways are all the more reason to attend!

One of our go-to restaurants, Southern Hospitality comes up to Denver to slow cook the group some tasty BBQ for about 6 hours or so. The event is catered towards our clients (facility managers, architects, vendors, etc.) that all come together to have round table discussions on their day-to-day design challenges and design issues. Some of these issues could be focused on capacities and flexible spaces and range all the way to what textiles may or may not perform well in their current environments.

Once a round table discussion has been had, vendors and business partners alike are able to offer their perspectives and provide potential solutions to the challenges discussed at the start of the event. This year’s conversations were focused on an Environmental Update Bootcamp, along with a Commissioning Bootcamp, both of which were half day conversations featuring a variety of key note speakers.

We hope to attend and sponsor the event again next year to expand our knowledge, contacts, and experiences with so many of the clients, users, and colleagues we get the pleasure of being in touch with throughout the year!