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Brie Gill

Brie Gill

Even though she was born in California, Brie is considered a Colorado native because her parents moved back before living here became popular. She attended Colorado State University where she majored in and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design. During her time in college she was provided the chance to leave the country for the first time and study abroad in Florence, Italy with a group of her classmates. It was an amazing experience and helped broaden her view of the world.

Brie’s role as a designer provides her with the opportunity to work closely with our sales reps and our clients in order to provide them with the best design solution for their space. She collaborates with our sales reps to determine the best product for their given space(s), then she space plans the area based on various codes and regulations, and finally provides finish selections for the client to select from. She strives to keep the process running smoothly and efficiently while maintaining the client’s budget.

Outside of work Brie loves to create art. Her mediums of choice include; graphite, colored pencil, pastel, watercolor paint and acrylic paint. Even though she is a Colorado native Brie only enjoys hiking occasionally on account that bugs are gross, and trees are sticky. When she is not indulging in the outdoors or creating art, Brie can be found lounging about while binging her favorite TV shows.